Ask Master Sommelier Emily Papach

Wine Questions? Ask Master Sommelier Emily Papach

Meet Emily Papach, Master Sommelier at Cambria Estate Winery.

What’s a Master Sommelier? Well, in a nutshell, it means she knows pretty much everything there is to know about wine. To reach this level of certification she had to gain a deep understanding of every wine grape, growing area and great vineyards around the world, not to mention pairing ideas for nearly every dish imaginable.

Ask Master Sommelier Emily Papach

She also passed a rigorous, three-part test including theory, service and blind tasting, where she identified not only varietal, but growing region and vintage all by simply sampling a wine. It’s hard to understate the depth of Emily’s wine knowledge. And she’s available to help answer your wine questions. Stumped on what wine to offer at a big dinner?

Want to know where Chardonnay was first cultivated? Wonder why Pinot Noir is known as such a diva? Ask Emily. Send us a comment, or tag #AskEmilyP. We’ll answer your questions via posts here on the blog.