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Wine Cork Garden Markers

Wine Cork Garden Markers

Planting a small garden is a simple way to bring fresh herbs and produce into your kitchen and by simply recycling your old wine corks you’re able to create the perfect garden markers. 

Creating delectable culinary dishes gets so much easier when you simply have to walk into your backyard or patio and pluck a few essential herbs or vegetables for the recipe. That’s how I got started with planting my own little garden. I was tired of wasting a large bushel of cilantro or parsley and thought I’d give it a shot by growing it on my own. I’ve come to love snipping off a handful of herbs and tossing it right into my dish, it’s so satisfying to know that I grew it. 

Wine Cork Garden Markers

Psst…. I was able to use my own cilantro in the Mexican Quinoa recipe and my own tomatoes in the Bruschetta Trio of recipes
Although I’m no gardening expert and can’t teach you the proper tips to grow the perfect tomatoes, I can show you an easy inexpensive way to personalize it by creating wine cork garden markers. 

Wine Cork Garden Markers


WIne Cork Garden Markers

Materials Needed: 

  • Wine Corks 
  • Sharpie Marker 
  • Wood Skewers 
  • Drill + Drill Bit 


1. Start by selecting a drill bit that is approximately the size the of your skewer, if not slightly smaller. Carefully drill a hole into the bottom of the cork about ¾ the length. 

DIY Project: Use your wine corks as garden markers!

2. Insert wooden skewer into the base of the cork.   

Note — you may need to trim the length of your skewer depending on how deep the area is that you are inserting the garden markers. 

Wine Cork Garden Markers

3. Using a sharpie, write the name of the herb, vegetable or fruit that you have planted. 

Wine Cork Garden Markers

Wine Cork Garden Markers

4. Place skewer into the soil of your garden. It’s as easy as that!

Wine Cork Garden Markers

If you’re looking for a great housewarming gift, bundle a set of these and tie together using twine and decorative tag! You can even throw in a cute little pot with your favorite herb already planted. They’ll love the thoughtfulness and if they didn’t have a garden already, you may have just encouraged them to do so.

Wine Cork Garden Markers

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Written By : Kristin Mansky

Wine Cork Garden Markers

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