Summer Moroccan Dinner Party

Summer Moroccan Dinner Party

Summer is usually all about cookouts, swimming, and sun, but my favorite part of summer is actually the warm nights, and how enchanting they can be. It’s the perfect reason to hold a lantern-lit Moroccan themed party to really capitalize on that warmth and bring out the sweet spices of Morocco. 

Total transparency, I’ve always wanted to have a Moroccan party. When I was reading some of the pairing suggestions for Cambria’s Tepusquet Syrah, and I saw that lamb was among them, I saw that as the absolute perfect reason to throw a party. 

Summer Moroccan Dinner Party

As with all of the parties that I throw, having one main dish really simplifies the planning process and doesn’t throw you into overwhelm. For this party, a simple (but absolutely delicious) lamb stew took center stage with a few easy apps in supporting roles.  

I took help from store-bought spiced olives and threw together a two-ingredient cheese dip as well as some super easy spiced chickpeas. 

Cambria winery summer dinner party


Summer Moroccan Dinner Party

The table looks impressive, but putting it together couldn’t be easier! I lined the grass with simple rug stolen from my foyer and piled on small throw rugs to form a grass free platform for people to sit. Then, I topped a piece of $8 plywood on top of several five-gallon buckets that we had in the garage. A few layered tablecloths and we were ready to go. 

Moroccan Goat Cheese Dip


Summer Moroccan Dinner Party

Sitting at ground level, propped up by poofs and pillows made the whole affair casual, lounge-y, and romantic! We certainly enjoyed the excitement and new-ness that came with the special ambiance.

Roasted Lamb Stew


Traditional Moroccan Snake Cake

A traditional m’hanncha (moroccan snake cake) rounded out the evening and allowed us to sit back, sip our wine, and enjoy the warm summer air. 

If you are looking to recreate this wonderful Moroccan affair, find links to the recipes below:

Now it’s your turn! Tell me about a time when you threw a special themed party! What details did you work in and how did it turn out?