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Notes of Cambria

Notes of Cambria

Notes of Cambria is our approach to exploring the parallels of taste and sound to create a truly captivating wine tasting experience.

About Notes of Cambria

Cambria wines are inspired by the people who make them and the estate where they are grown, harvested, blended and bottled. Each bottle is crafted with a passion to create exceptional wines that you can smell, taste, and now, hear.

We were thrilled to partner with musician Kalei Yamanoha to bring to life our flagship wines--our Benchbreak Pinot Noir and Chardonnay--through the art of music. Working in close collaboration with our winemaker Denise Shurtleff, Kalei wove the essence of the Cambria experience into song. The results are two musical expressions of these wines, creating an immersive experience for Cambria fans unlike ever before. We invite you to pour a glass, sit back, and listen as “Chardonnay Shanty” and “Pinot Noir Waltz” bring to life the flavors, aromas, and personalities of our Benchbreak wines.

Our mission has long been to honor the land and the passion of our Cambria family, and to showcase Santa Maria Valley and our vineyard through wines that embody our estate. Now, we’re incredibly excited to offer a new way to share our mission, capturing all five senses.

Part 1: The Challenge

In Part 1, Kalei visits the Cambria Estate in Santa Maria, California, and gathers inspiration from the valley, the vineyards, Winemaker, Denise Shurtleff, and of course, the flavor profiles of the Benchbreak wines, to begin crafting his song pairings for our Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  

Part 2: Making the Songs

In Part 2, Kalei returns home to Santa Rosa, California, to write his compositions based on his experience at the Cambria Estate and record them at Gremlintone Studios with fellow local musicians.  

"Chardonnay Shanty"

Inspired by our Chardonnay's bright, lively citrus and pineapple notes, Kalei uses the whimsical nature of the accordion to craft a song that flows perfectly with our Benchbreak Chardonnay

Listen to the song and download:

Find a bottle of our Chardonnay near you and use this infographic to follow along with your tasting:

Notes of Cambria - Benchbreak Chardonnay Infographic

Download this infographic

"Pinot Noir Waltz"

With a gentle opening that eases into a minor key to accentuate the wine's darker fruits, Kalei's use of the banjo enhances the Pinot Noir's rich, earthy tones, creating a complex sound much like the flavorful Santa Maria Spice and complexity found in our Benchbreak Pinot Noir

Listen to the song and download:

Find a bottle of our Pinot Noir near you and use this infographic to follow along with your tasting:

Notes of Cambria - Benchbreak Pinot Noir Infographic

Download this infographic

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