Mother's Day Handcrafted Spa Gift Basket

Mother’s Day Handcrafted Spa Gift Basket

When it comes to celebrating our mothers, we want them to know and feel how special they are to us. We want to show how much we appreciate the things they do day in and day out. It is a holiday that encourages us to step aside for one day and put Mom on a pedestal. What better gift to make her feel special than a handcrafted spa gift basket?

Mother’s Day Handcrafted Spa Gift Basket

Mother’s Day Handcrafted Spa Gift Basket

Sure you could send Mom to away to spa, but sometimes all she wants is a quiet night at home where she can indulge in a nice glass of wine, kick her feet up in the tub and simply relax. The best part is, your mom will really appreciate the extra effort you made by creating the spa essentials by hand. 

Mother's Day Hand CRafted Spa Gift Basket

What You’ll Need: 


Simply start by placing a generous amount of crinkle paper on the bottom of the basket and add the wine bottles first as they are the heaviest and largest.

Add the flowers to the back of the basket and then carefully begin to fill in the remaining space with the homemade spa goodies and stack of matches (because we don’t want Mom to have to go searching in order to light her candle!). 

Add the greeting card last by sticking it either in the back or right in front where it won’t get damaged. You can always include a new book if she loves to read or a new album from something in her favorite genre. The idea is to encourage Mom to relax and indulge in some of her favorite pastimes. 

Mother’s Day Handcrafted Spa Gift Basket

Since you’re likely to have made a few extra jars of the homemade body butter, scrub and candles, create a few gift baskets and share the love with a grandparent, sister-in-law or dear friend who are all mothers. They’ll be so incredibly touched that you not only thought of them, but that you made the goodies with that extra personal touch.   

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day Handcrafted Spa Gift Basket

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Written By: Kristin Mansky of Modish and Main

Mother’s Day Handcrafted Spa Gift Basket

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