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How to Host a Book Club

How To Host A Book Club Party

Hello friends! Today we are talking about a few of my favorite things - reading, wine and friends. Follow along for tips on how to host a book club.

Have you ever thought about starting your own book club? Creating a reading group or book club is a great way to stimulate your own thinking, provide new perspective and get to know your friends better. 

Here are a few steps to get started…

How to Host a Book Club


How to Host a Book Club Party

Create a Meeting Schedule 

How often does your book club plan to meet? This book club meets on the second Tuesday of every other month. This gives everyone enough time to read the book without too much pressure and allows time to keep up with other literature you may be enjoying. Pick a meeting time that works for everyone and then be flexible and keep the communication lines open. 

Decide on a Book List 

What type of literature does your book club plan to read? It is helpful to decide on a theme that the whole group is excited about. This book club selected ‘classic literature’ and every member suggested a book. Other literary theme ideas include: contemporary, female authors, international authors, poetry, best sellers …. If this were my book club, it would be all Science Fiction/Fantasy!

How to Host a Book Club Party

How to Host a Book Club

1 Host and 1 Leader 

Each member takes a turn hosting the party. The host is responsible for creating a warm, cozy atmosphere and providing appetizers and refreshments. Another member of the book club (whomever selected the current book) is the leader of the meeting. The leader is in charge of the discussion and keeps the group on topic. A good leader will allow everyone to share their thoughts and opinions, bring up interesting themes for deeper discussion and encourage members to read their favorite passages. 

Supply Snacks, Wine and Dessert 

What’s a party without yummy bites and wine? Have healthy finger food available for guests to nibble on while you chat. Sliced, seasonal vegetables and dip make a great appetizer or get more ideas from this Indoor Picnic Recipes post. Offer at least two varietals of wine – we served Cambria Chardonnay and Cambria Pinot Noir. Be sure to have a non-alcoholic refreshment available as well such as iced tea or seltzer water. Lastly, have an easy dessert available. Food is not really the focus of your book club so keep it simple. Serve tea and biscuits or put out a pretty plate of French macaroons!

How to Host a Book Club

How to Host a Book Club

More tips: 

- While reading, have each member bookmark their three favorite passages. Take turns reading passages out loud during the discussion. 

- Talk about your reading experience, not just whether you liked the book or not. 

- Stay on topic! Do not allow the meeting to dissolve into a social hour. Stay focused by discussing reviews of the book or interviews with the author.

How to Host a Book Club

How to Host a Book Club

By: Katie Harvey – Kaaatie Harvey