Floral Ice Wine

Floral Wine Ice

With summer rapidly approaching, I have been trying to come up with easy, elegant and effortless ideas for entertaining this year. With a lot of engagements, weddings, and special events for my family and friends, I wanted a fun and easy way to make a signature look for drinks this summer that wouldn’t require a lot of work.

I also wanted to find a way to keep my favorite wines cool this summer without watering them down- and that’s where this idea for Floral Wine Ice was born!

If you are like me, you aren’t always good at chilling wine before a party (or a random weeknight) and need something to cool it down quick … or keep your wine cool on an extremely hot day.

You could put ice in it, but that completely ruins the flavor, which kind of defeats the point of enjoying a nice glass of Cambria Chardonnay in the first place, right?

No worries! You can make ice … out of wine!

Floral Chardonnay Ice

Floral Wine Ice

Trial and error:

I didn’t know if it would work well, since alcohol doesn’t really freeze well – and the first time I tried, it was a complete disaster. I used a plastic ice tray and used just wine, and while it froze, the second I tried to pop the cubes out, they crumbled all over the place – which works, but it will come to temperature a lot faster, and isn’t very pretty for parties.

I tried making wine ice a second time – this time in a flexible silicone ice tray, and with an edible flower placed into the tray as it froze – and it worked perfectly!

The flower helps the ice stay together, and using a silicone mold not only prevents a weird plastic flavor –again, totally goes against the point of enjoying a nice glass of wine –  it also helped the ice keep it’s shape and stay colder longer.

And really … aren’t they gorgeous?  

By Courtney O'Dell

Floral wine ice

How it’s done: 

This is the perfect way to dress up (and cool down) your favorite wine this summer. I have started making a few trays of these at a time.

  1. Simply pour wine into a silicone ice mold about ¾ of the way up. Place an edible flower inside the mold, and fill the rest of the way up.
  2. Freeze on a flat surface to make sure you don’t spill.
  3. When the ice is firm (about 3 hours), you can stack the silicone trays on top of each other.

If you aren’t going to use them right away, place in a ziploc bag to keep them all together and keep it from getting extra frost.

I make these no more than 2 days in advance to keep the flavors fresh and free from freezer burn. When it is time for your event, you can set ice cubes in glasses and let guests pour their own wine, or have them in a pre-chilled metal ice bucket.

These ice cubes do melt faster than water ice cubes, because of the very low freezing temperature for alcohol, but they do keep your wine cold for a very long time … as I took photos, I absentmindedly left my glass outside and was pleasantly surprised two hours later when I picked it up and it was still very nicely chilled.

If eaten, the flowers do give off a pretty spicy flavor- but using them as garnishes didn’t change the flavor of the wine at all.

Floral chardonnay ice

Important: Be sure to always use food-grade edible flowers - I buy them in small packages in my grocery store’s herb/salad aisle. If you grow your own edible flowers, be sure to not treat them with fertilizer or pesticides- nobody wants to drink that!

If you’re looking for more ways to incorporate beautiful, natural elements into your entertaining this summer, be sure to see this post on Sweet C’s Designs all about how to make a Easy & Beautiful Ways to Display Grocery Store Flowers!

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