DIY Wine Storage Crate

DIY Wine Storage Crate

In our home, no one has ever said “there is too much wine!” We love to have quite a variety of wines available for impromptu gatherings, last minute gifts or simply after a long day at work. When we run out of space in our wine fridge, we struggled with finding a spot to store our wines without it looking like your local grocery store. I wanted to create something that would function for our needs, but also look good with our home décor. 

Since I love to shop for bargains and unique finds at local flea markets, I grabbed this vintage wood crate awhile back without knowing exactly how I could put it to good use. Well, when the problem arose from having “too much wine,” I thought it to be a perfect solution. With 10 easy steps, our vintage wood crate turned into our DIY wine storage.  

DIY Wine Storage Crate

Items Needed: 

  1. Vintage Wood Crate / Box
  2. Fine Grit Sandpaper
  3. 1 pint of Oil, Stain or Varnish (we used a Danish Oil in Dark Walnut)
  4. Chalkboard Paint
  5. Wood Blocks
  6. Wood Glue
  7. Paintbrush 
  8. Chalk


Step 1 — Start shopping your local flea markets or antique shops for vintage wood crates, tool boxes, etc. Keep in mind that it’s all about the hunt and it won’t look perfect, but with a few easy touches it’ll quickly turn into your wine storage masterpiece!
Step 2 — Prep your newly acquired purchase by lightly sanding it down to remove any abrasive wood splinters and to allow for a new coat of stain/varnish/oil to saturate the wood. 
Step 3 — Choose a varnish, stain or oil to achieve your desired look and begin to apply using either a foam brush or a fine bristled brush in light strokes typically in one direction going with the grain of the wood till desired affect is achieved. Use a tack-free cloth to wipe away any excess. Depending on the quality of your flea market find, you may need to apply a second coat. 
  • Oils penetrate the wood and as it soaks in and freshens up the natural appearance of the wood. 
  • Stain, when applied, is actually changing the color of the wood to your chosen finish. 
  • Varnish simply seals the surface and applies a glossy (“wet look”) to the exterior. 

Step 4 — Let the wood rest overnight to ensure it is completely dry before moving on. 
Step 5 — At your local crafts store, grab 2-4 small 1/4” wood blocks in whatever shape you desire. 
Step 6 — Lightly sand the wood blocks and then apply a first coat of chalkboard paint. (You may need to apply a primer first, read the instructions on your Chalkboard paint container to be sure.)  Let dry completely and then apply second coat.  

Step 7 — Once completely dry, take the side of your chalk and rub it all over the front of your wood block. This preps the chalkboard so it will easily erase moving forward. 
Step 8 — Adhere the chalkboard to your wood crate/box using wood glue. You will need to apply constant pressure until secured. 
Step 9 — Fill your new DIY wine storage box with your favorite Cambria wines and write your chose message on the chalkboard labels!  

Step 10 — Sit back and enjoy a nice glass of wine for all your hard work. 

Written By: Kristin Mansky