DIY Wine Rack

DIY Wine Rack

The best holiday gifts are the ones made with your hands. Give someone you love this season a DIY wine rack complete, of course, with your favorite bottle or bottles of Cambria wine.   

I love the idea of handmade gifts for the holidays. They are often far cheaper than purchasing something brand-new and are far more loved by the recipient. It’s truly a gift that keeps on giving because every time the owner looks at it they’ll remember you and you’ll always remember the love you put into creating it. 

DIY Wine Rack


Building a wine rack doesn’t have to be overly complicated but rather something fun to do and ends up being useful for your own home or the home of someone special. I have really come to love these moments of setting up shop in my garage, planning out my next project and getting lost in the process for the next few hours. 

Building something like this DIY wine rack with my own hands, tools from my own garage, gives me a sense of pride that can never be achieved from a store bought item. I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t always know exactly what I’m doing, but I’m always willing to give it a try. I think that’s the beauty of this whole DIY movement that’s happening, it’s not always about perfection but rather the journey and the story that’s behind it. 

DIY Wine Rack


  1. (1) .75”x 9.75”x 4’ board cut down to 2 feet (I used red oak for its durability) 
  2. 8.5 ft 1/2” manila rope 
  3. power drill 
  4. 1/2” spade drill bit 
  5. straight edge 
  6. finishing sander with fine grit sandpaper (I used the Ryobi Corner Cat Sander)
  7. extra sheets of fine grit sand paper cut into slim strips 
  8. wood stain brush or sponge for staining 
  9. hot glue gun 
  10. (4) brad nails 


1. If the helpful staff at your local hardware didn’t cut down your board to 24” in length, then using a miter saw, make a simple cut down the middle of your board. Set the other board aside for when you make your next wine rack! 

DIY Wine Rack step-by-step guide.

2. Using your finishing sander, give your board a quick once over including all edges. It should be smooth to the touch and free of all splinters. 

3. Depending on what size rope you purchased, you want to use the same size spade drill bit to create the holes in your board for which you will eventually weave the rope through. Since we used 1/2” manila rope, we used a 1/2” spade bit. 

DIY Wine Rack step-by-step guide.

4. This wine rack will hold 5 bottles of wine. On each side of the board you will be making 10 holes. Included in most drill bit sets is a measuring device, that is what I used to draw a 1/2” circle on the areas in which I would drill. If you don’t have one of these, simple mark with an X.   

5. Starting from the top of the board, you will mark an X at the following lengths; 2”, 5.25”, 6.25”, 9.5”, 10.5”, 14”, 15”, 18.25”, 19.25”, 22.5”.

DIY Wine Rack step-by-step guide.

6. Using a straight edge, draw a straight line to the other side of the board for each of the marks. These will be where you will make the additional 10 X’s on this side of the board. 

7. Attach your spade drill bit to your power drill and make holes directly on top of each of these 20 marks.   

8. Using your finishing sander again, go over the areas where you made the holes. You will then take the small strips of fine grit sand paper and curl it so you can place it inside the holes and smooth out any rough edges. This will make pulling the rope through much easier. 

DIY Wine Rack step-by-step guide.

9. Once you are all done sanding, it’s time to stain. I used Varathane Wood Stain in Carrington for this project. Apply with a staining brush or sponge and let dry completely. 

DIY Wine Rack step-by-step guide.

10. Now it’s time to add the rope. To make the rope easier to go in and out of the holes, I suggest wrapping a small amount of electric tape to the ends. With the front of the board facing up, enter the rope through the top hole and leave only 1” sticking out the back. Moving lengthwise down the board, weave the rope in and out of the holes pulling it tightly so there isn’t excess in the back. Do not forget as you weave down the board, to place a bottle of wine on the board so you ensure you’ve left enough room to fit the base of the bottle. Once you get to the end, use a pair of heavy duty shears to trim the rope to only 1” remaining at the end. 

Note — for the other side of the board, which will hold the neck of the bottle, I made this opening slightly smaller with the rope. This part is optional if you want to be able to reverse the orientation of your wine bottles. 

DIY Wine Rack

11. Warm up the hot glue gun and remove all tape from the ends of the rope. Apply a generous amount of glue to the ends to prevent them from fraying. 

12. Once glue has dried, bend the rope towards the board and hammer in one brad nail to secure to the wood. Do this on all 4 corners. 

Rope and Wood DIY Wine Rack

Now you can begin to add your favorite bottles of wine and display it in your home or wrap it as the perfect holiday gift this season!  The best part of the gift is surely the wine you pair with it. Whether you opt to choose a robust Pinot Noir or a decadent Chardonnay, the holiday season will definitely be merry and bright.

Rope and Wood Wine Rack DIY

Happy Holidays! 

Written By: Kristin Mansky

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DIY Wine Rack step-by-step guide.