DIY Faux Marble Serving Tray

DIY Faux Marble Serving Tray

I love to entertain. My favorite time to entertain is New Year's Eve. Celebrating the anticipation of new beginnings, happiness and jumping off to a new and good start. More than likely, your NYE is full of love, family friends and celebrating. If you're doing the entertaining, why not impress your friends/family with a beautiful new marble serving tray to serve your best NYE recipes? But let's be honest, marble ain't cheap. But what do you do when you love, love, love the look of marble (like I do) and you don't want to break the bank? You make a fabulous DIY Faux marble serving tray.

Just recently I came across marble contact paper and I am obsessed! I want to cover everything in marble contact paper, but I will keep it cool and just cover a few important items. To start, I want to make a serving tray for New Year's Eve. This tray is so simple to make, takes no time at all and you can have a beautiful marble serving tray that looks every bit as stunning as the real thing.

DIY Faux Marble Serving Tray



  1. ​Lay your cutting board on top of your marble contact paper & fold over the size so that it folds underneath 1/2 inch - 1 inch around all edges. Cut to size.
  2. Since the paper is rolled, it is easiest to peel a little of the edge and place on the board. Taking a book to smooth the contact paper as you roll it down the wood will help keep bubbles from forming under the paper. Fold the contact paper around the board, as if you’re wrapping a present. Repeat on both sides.
  3. Use a ruler or a tape measure to measure the center for the handles. Glue on the handles. If any excess glue oozes out, a toothpick is great to remove the glue.
  4. Let dry at least 4 hours before using.

Now you have a stunning marble tray to serve all your favorite things, and your guests will be none the wiser.


If you're looking for a fabulous recipe to help showcase your new marble tray and will be perfect for your NYE party, check out this recipe for a yummy Hot Caprese Dip. Simple to make and your guests will be begging for the recipe! And your secret for where you found that awesome marble serving tray. ;)  

By Erin Kennedy