DIY Bling Wine Charms

DIY Bling Wine Charms


With the holiday gift giving season fast approaching, it can be stressful to think of ideas for gifts for everyone on your list. Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart; the ones that are homemade. We have the best gift for the wine lover on your list. They will love it because you made it special for them, and it can be used all year long.

Wine charms are a must at my family get-togethers. We are the type of family that opens a bottle of wine and enjoys appetizers while gathered in the kitchen catching up and sharing stories of what we have been up to all year. We all love wine, and since there are quite a few of us there ends up being quite a few wine glasses. Once you set your glass down, it can quickly get lost. I have heard one too many times, “Which wine glass is mine?” That can all be changed with wine charms. You will never misplace your beloved vino again, or fear that you have someone else’s glass. 

DIY Bling Wine Charms

With just bit of glitter, you can change the look of your wine glasses, and everyone will know which glass is theirs by the different colors. These wine charms are a cinch to make, and they look so elegant. Nobody would ever guess that you made them by hand.


  • Necklace metal pendants (Found in any jewelry section at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby)
  • Ear-wires (also in the jewelry department)
  • Glitter (as many shades as you want glitter charms)
  • Clear Medium Liquid Polyclay
  • Paper plate
  • Toothpick
  • Cookie sheet
  • Tin foil

Choose the pendant that you like best. I wanted to go for a vintage looking pendant that I thought would complement my glitter. 


1. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.

2. On a paper plate, sprinkle about a ½ teaspoon of glitter.

3. Dab a few drops of the Liquid Polyclay and mix together with a toothpick until you reached a smooth consistency.

4. With the toothpick, spread the glitter gel onto the necklace pendant and use the toothpick to spread the glitter to each corner and edges carefully.

5. Place all pendants onto a cookie sheet that has been covered in tin foil.

6. Repeat with each color of glitter.

7. Bake in the oven for about 20 minutes to cure. Take out of the oven and let cool. Your charms should be cured and have a hard surface.




 Enjoy this holiday gift idea that will get much use from your wine loving friends and family!

 By Erin Kennedy

Erin Kennedy is the founder and editor of My Thirty Spot, a lifestyle website. Erin currently resides with her husband and two adorable kitties in Phoenix, AZ. Her interests include dressing chic on a budget, sharing anti-aging tips, cooking, creating new recipes and capturing life through photography.