Cambria Coloring Page

Cambria Coloring Page - #1

We spend a lot of time being productive and multi-tasking these days. Always connecting, responding, planning, doing… and we’re good at it! With the help of technology, we are more available and interactive than any generation before us. 

Yet, there are times I find myself wanting to take a deep breath and step away from my phone. I decompress from my social networks by practicing yoga, hiking along the coast and by diving into my favorite hobby - art therapy. Coloring book pages are a great activity for strengthening the right side of your brain. Art is relaxing, non-competitive and the mindless process of filling in empty spaces is surprisingly rewarding! 

Cambria Coloring Page

Cambria Under the Stars Coloring Page

Today we are rolling out the first free printable in a new series of Cambria Coloring Book Pages! I created this Cambria Winery Under the Stars coloring book page inspired by my favorite memories of the Santa Maria Valley. I’m longing for warm summer nights in the vineyards. I want to pack an evening picnic and pour cool, crisp chardonnay while we watch the sun sink over the Pacific. Those rare nights when the fog doesn’t roll in and you realize there are too many stars to count… 

Free printable coloring page.

Cambria Benchbreak Chardonnay

While we wait for the days to get a little longer – and warmer – print and color this free Cambria Winery Under the Stars coloring book page and share your creations using #CambriaWines. Stay tuned for a new coloring page from Cambria Winery each month!

By: Katie Harvey – Kaaatie Harvey 

Cambria Coloring Page

Cambria Winery Under the Stars - Coloring Sheet