Falling Leaves DIY

Autumn Decor: Falling Leaves DIY

Fall is here. With it brings cooler weather, pumpkin lattes, football, family gatherings and beautiful color-changing leaves falling from branches. I have always loved trees, and taking a drive up to the mountains to see all the wonderful changing colors have always been a favorite of mine. I wanted to hold on to that feeling and bring it back to my home.

With upcoming family and friends gatherings you may be holding at your home, you can actually forgo a centerpiece and create a “falling leaves DIY” that looks elegant and brings the festive feeling of fall into your dining room.

Falling Leaves DIY

  This DIY doesn’t take too much time and can change up a room and your event completely.

Falling Leaves DIY

Materials Needed: - Silk fall leaves or natural leaves - One spool of 6 or 8 lb. fishing line - Hot glue gun and glue sticks - Tape - Scissors - Paper - Measuring tape

1. Gather your leaves. Take a walk outside and find some freshly fallen leaves, or head to the craft store and find some silk leaves.

2. Measure how much paper you need. Take the measuring tape and measure from the top of your light fixture to where you want the last leaf to hang. Cut your paper to that length.

  3. Place the paper on your table and roll out your fishing line. Add a few inches to the fishing line past the paper so you can tie to your light fixture. Tape the top of the fishing line to the top of your paper.

4. Arrange your leaves on the fishing line in order of how you would like them to look. My leaves were all the same size, but you can always arrange largest to smallest if you prefer.

5. Warm your hot glue gun and hot glue the backs of the leaves down the center and attach the fishing wire on the strip of glue. Allow to dry. 6. Repeat these steps to make as many falling leaf streamers as you’d like. Remove them from the wax paper and tie them to your chandelier.

Falling Leaves DIY

  Enjoy bringing a bit of autumn indoors! Check out the post for “Friendsgiving Evening with Cambria Wines,” to see the entire event.

 By Erin Kennedy

About the author: Erin Kennedy is the founder and editor of My Thirty Spot, a lifestyle website. Erin currently resides with her husband and two adorable kitties in Phoenix, AZ. Her interests include dressing chic on a budget, sharing anti-aging tips, cooking, creating new recipes and capturing life through photography.